powerplantSuperior Design

Dynamo Aviation utilizing its superior design engineering and PMA expertise has developed a wide range of PMA EGT harnesses that support the following engine applications:

III General Electric CF6 and CFM56 series
III Pratt and Whitney PW2000, PW4000, JT8D, JT9
III IAI V2500.

OUR PMA EGT HARNESSES were designed to incorporate critical customer concerns with the existing harnesses and incorporates several customer benefits to include: improved durability, longer on-wing time, and lower cost.


DYNAMO’S design incorporates features that address
the engines harsh operating environments, field
maintenance requirements and the need for optimal operating performance. We listened to our customer and designed the harness to meet their specific requirements.



  • CF6-80A
  • CF6-80C2
  • PW4000
  • V2500
  • W6
  • CFM56

BASED ON OPERATIONG DATA we have received from our customers, the on-wing results of our PMA EGT harnesses have proven to be better than expected and have exceeded their expectations.

DYNAMO provides DER repairs for OEM engine EGT harnesses. We offer our PMA harness as an exchange if requested. Dynamo is a FAA / EASA approved repair station, with state of the art repair facilities. We pride ourselves on product quality, fast turn times and exceeding customer expectations.

DYNAMO AVIATION a leader in engineering design and repair works hand in hand with its customers in developing customized repair solutions, new PMA products or alternative repair options that deliver improved operating performance and lower cost.

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