The dry air on a long range flight can cause tiredness, redness of eyes, dryness of the skin, all of which leave passengers and crew feeling jet lagged and fatigued when they reach their destination. Humidifiers provide moister to the air, making it easier on your eyes, your skin and your ability to breathe and sleep better. In the end you arrive at your destination in comfort and fully rested.

Built-in humidifiers can be costly and often not very reliable. The Dynamo designed humidifier is simple, yet effective. The unit is designed as a carry on. It is constructed using stainless steel, with a ¾ gallon tank capacity. The humidifier offer simplicity of operation and 15 hours of continuous operation between refills. It plugs into any 115 VAC outlets. A single unit in the cabin is designed to provide approximately
10 cubic feet of cabin area coverage.

These units can easily be mounted in the side ledges of the cabin, crew rest areas and cockpits.

Key Specifications:

    • 10 cubic feet of area coverage
    • Lightweight construction
    • Up to ¾ gallon tank capacity
    • Uses distilled water
    • 115V 60/400 Hz power requirement
    • 8-10 hours of operation between refills
    • Units available with a direct feed connection